The US President threatened to retaliate against the death of three US soldiers

Three U.S. soldiers were killed and 34 injured in an attack on a Middle East base on Sunday that came from a one-off attack by drones and represented the culmination of increasingly deadly self-defense aimed in part at American military bases. 

The US President threatened to retaliate against the death of three US soldiers

This time there will be a strong counterattack, the American country is shaken, and the US president threatened to counterattack after the death of 3 American soldiers.

US President Joe Biden has blamed Iranian militants for the death of three American soldiers in Jordan. And he warned of a backlash. He also said that for this the Iranian militants will have to see bad days from today. 

Three US soldiers were killed in a drone strike in Jordan on Sunday. In terms of injuries, 34 people are reported. After that, US President Joe Biden said ‘Today is a sad event for the whole of America. A one-way drone attack on US forces near the Syrian border just northeast of Jordan killed three people and wounded several others.

Pointing the finger of blame at Iran for this incident, Joe Biden said that we received information about the attack from Iran. But we know that Syria and Iraq are the work of Iranian terrorists. But Iran denied that it carried out the attack. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nasser Kanan told IRN that this incident is opposite from the actual incident.

It is said that this is the first time that an American soldier has been killed in the Middle East since the start of the Hamas-Israeli war. As a result of the violence, it is feared that Iran may get involved in conflicts in several regions in the Middle East. US President Joe Biden attended a church event in South Carolina because of this incident. He made it clear through his speech that he would take revenge.

In response to this attack, Hamas spokesman Shami Abu Zuhri said that the US administration has been informed through the message that the killing of innocent people in Gaza must stop. And if not then the whole (Muslim) nation will be forced to stand up. And the Americans and Zionists in Gaza could have a series of explosions throughout the region.

With the election ahead, this Middle East incident has become a headache for Biden. Among them, Donald Trump has used this conflict as a tool to target the Democrats. He wants to say that ‘Biden’s weakness caused this conflict. Trump wrote on social media that three US soldiers died in a drone attack. And many are injured. This is a terrible day for America.

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