21-year-old Arshiya Josher died in an accident on a Pennsylvania road.Once again an Indian has died in the United States. This time a 21-year-old Indian girl died in a road accident Sunday's Indian trade embassy in New York expressed grief.

On March 21, Arshia Joshi died in a road accident. The Indian Consulate expressed its condolences to the families of the victims. He also promised to bring the body back to the country. 

The Indian Consulate in New York posted on Twitter "Condolences to Arshia Joshi's family." Died March 21 in an accident in Pennsylvania. May his soul rest in peace."

A few days ago two Indian truck drivers were killed in Mexico. The organization handed over the body of a driver to his family in Amritsar.

Recently many Indians have died mysteriously in America. Initial information said that most of them have died. On February 23, a Sikh youth was shot dead. His name is Raj Singh.

Arshya's family lives in Delhi. A voluntary organization of Indian origin in America has come forward to hand over his body to his family. This organization comes to the aid of any Indian in danger or dying abroad. 

He was a resident of Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh. Toured with kirtan group in America. He was stoned in front of a gurdwara in the state of Alabama. Last January, the body of an Indian student was found on the campus of Ilenia University.

Recently he has been banned from going to night clubs at night. He died of extreme cold. In February, the bodies of a Kerala couple and their twin babies were recovered from a flat in California.