Tyre Nichols was a very nice man and father. Nichols loved his mother. he was searching for a new lifestyle in Memphis.

Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn Davis disclosed on Wednessday a video statement discussing " the fearsome situation" of Nichols' demise

 The latest news from Memphis that this five officers are being caught criminally reable for their lethal and feral steps gives us hope we remain to push fo justice for Tyre.

Arrested on Jan 7 Memphis five police officers and charged with murder in the beating death of twenty nine 29 year old Tyre Nichols

Every mother knows how much her child is dear to her but my child was a little different. He dreamed of his mother being attractive to his family.

After the death of Tyra Nichols, all of Memphis is covered in sadness and shock. The people of Memphis want justice for Nichols.

After a fierce arrest through five officers with the Memphis police. that life was so lamentably shortern earlier this month

A press conference on Thursday afternoon, said Shelby County District Attorney General Steve Mulroy the works of all of Memphis five police officers resulded in the depise of Tyre Nichols and all of are responsible

 A 29 years old tall Black man Nichols death on 10 January, follows of recent high profile cases engaging police using superfluous forced on the part of members of the public, especially young black men.