Four citizens of India's neighbouring country requested India to rescue them from Russia and bring them back to their country. They were trapped in Russia looking for work but now they are being forced to join the war.

Now the war between Russia and Ukraine is going on, those four people are forced to fight in that war. Four young men Sanjay, Ram, Kumar and Santosh from Nepal, a neighbouring country of India, went to Russia in search of work.

They said that they had reached Russia through an agent. They were told that they should go there and work as assistants or directors in the army. But they allege that as soon as Russia's war with Ukraine began, they were included in the war. They are forced to fight against their will.

Ukraine's war with Russia has been going on for more than two years. The four young men of Nepal are stuck there.

The agent misbehaved with them. So, they appealed to the Government of India for rescue. In this way, many people from Nepal migrate abroad every year.

He went to other countries like Russia, Ukraine and joined labour and other work. Many serve in the army. These four young men from Nepal said they do not want to fight.