After America, China and Russia, India has built its own space station in space and is going to take the fourth place in the world. India's space research organization ISRO chief S. Somnath said that the space station will be sent into space by 2035. Preparations to go to space have begun.

ISRO scientists have started brainstorming what kind of technology India will use in its own space station. ISRO chief said the space station could be operational till 2035.

The station will be placed in low orbit. The name of that station will be 'Indian Space Station'. India's space station will be placed in the orbit which is 400 km above the earth.

This station will carry out various research related to 'astrobiology' and 'microgravity' in space. Two to four astronauts are accommodated inside the space station. Earth's satellite moon and Earth-like habitation will be researched.

The weight of this space station can range from approximately 20,000 kilograms to 400,000 kilograms. The station can have four modules and at least four pairs of sole panels. A better quality docking port will also be built here.

A docking port will also be constructed for the foreseeable future. The core module uses technology that is capable of carbon-di-oxygen emission along with oxygen preparation. Even with this technology it will be possible to maintain minimum relative humidity.

Gagan Yaan was sent into space last October as part of ISRO's plan to send humans into a 400 km orbit. If successful, Gagan Yaan will send a robot called 'Bom Mitra' into space. Then, if that mission is successful, sending humans into space will begin in 2024-25.