1. The report's authors warn that policy intervention is needed to prevent the obesity crisis in India that has already been seen in Western countries.

2.  You want some chips? Maybe it is time to give your food another looks. According to a new study published in the BMJ, frequent consumption of highly processed foods such as candy, chips and prepackaged meats may increase your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 50%.

3. Excessive consumption of highly processed foods increases the risk of 32 adverse health outcomes, including cancer, major heart and lung conditions, mental health disorders and early death, consistent evidence shows.

4.  A new study discusses the link between the high cost of processed foods and the risk of cancer, heart and lung disease, various problems and premature death.

5. Despite prior research on the topic, this comprehensive review of nearly 10 million people emphasizes the need for more research on the harmful effects of these foods.

6.  Many previous studies and meta-analyses have linked highly processed foods to poorer health, but no comprehensive review has yet provided a comprehensive evaluation of the evidence.

7. Overall, the study found that higher consumption of ultra-processed foods was linked to increased risk of 32 adverse health outcomes.

8. Researchers rated the evidence as strong, very suggestive, suggestive, weak, or no evidence. Their evidence was high, moderate, low or very low.